• Janine Hamilton-Kells

How much for a pinny?!

When asked about my pricing method I like to share the pretty mad way I price my pinnies. Primarily I price the pinnies based on how much I want to keep them for myself. The more I love them and want to keep them the higher the price. Those that are simpler, or are showing signs of wear and tear I price lower. Invariably what happens next is that I feel sorry for them and then raise the price. If a pinny has a lot of amazing hand embroidery of time consuming detail in terms of rickracking or design I will price them to reflect that. Of course I dont want for them to think that nobody wants them so I try and choose a prize where they wont all live with me for ever. Ultimately I want other people to love a pinny of three of their own so I consider that too. I don't think I could ever put them on sale. Perhaps a special? It's all about the wording after all! As my pinnies are one of a kind I think they are all invaluable, after all someone at sometime whether that was a home economics student, a home sewer or savvy shopper,

Connie, Dee and a visiting friend Edith.

desired that pinny and spent time, money or energy procuring it. It's a complicated and emotive process but with a return and exchange policy you can be sure if you don't love your purchased pinny, we will take her back and rehome her with someone else who does. I believe it's pretty important we get that right for both of you! #pinnieswithpersonality #aprons #vintage #thriftfinds #opshoptreasures #pinnies #retro #preloved



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