• Janine Hamilton-Kells

Why pinnies with personalities?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

I love vintage linens. It always seems to me as if they tell a story. I imagine the item was a gift or lovingly made by someone or perhaps the first exciting purchase for a new home. Growing up with a gorgeous Mum who loved to shop I admit that I do get a thrill from finding that perfect something, appreciating the acquisition of something great. As life went on this love of shopping increasingly didn't fit with my awareness of the environmental impact of stuff. I knew I was contributing to the problem. I didn't need more things and I didn't really want more things. Fast fashion and the impact it has on our planet wasn't something I could ignore any longer.

Op shopping was something that afforded me the same thrill but eased my conscience, but I couldn't keep all of my treasures right? When my vintage apron stash became embarrassingly large I wondered if I could share my love of vintage pinnies with others. I'm not great at selling, I have to believe in something. What I do believe in is love, friendship and community and that's where the idea of pinnies with personality developed from. I've always loved people's stories and especially women's stories and it's those small everyday characters, ties, emotion and ambition that I hoped to capture when making up little stories about my gorgeous pinnies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

These two seem like such unlikely friends. I imagine them as neighbours with Agnes dispensing valuable advice over the back fence.

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