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Desdemona has been nicknamed Doomsdemona by some of her pinny circle and it’s true that her mood can be described as more Eeyore than Piglet on the Winnie the Pooh scale. Desdemona’s muted brown and autumnal tones do lean toward a pinny with a conservative approach. She has no pockets but has her storage needs covered by the carefully stocked bunker in her backyard. Lining the shelves are enough tinned goods, batteries and emergency supplies to host her immediate family and a few neighbours lucky enough to be included in her contingency plans. While Desdemona’s hubby refuses to participate in her practise drills Desdemona has still stocked a few cartons of the boiled sweets he is partial to, she is very thoughtful like that.  Not your typical pinny, nor your typical approach to life but if someone out there feels the need to befriend a unique doomsday pinny with an apocalyptic outlook then she is definitely the well prepared pinny for you.