forest green and floral vintage apron


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There are two sides to Esme. There's the polite somewhat standoffish side that most people see, slightly socially awkward she likes to wear the right thing, not stand out too much and has an overdeveloped inner voice keeping her in check. Then there is the side of Esme that only a few people see. That's the funny and loving side, the silly side, the wildly inappropriate side. It you're lucky enough to really know Esme she has your back. There's nothing that you can tell her that will shake her unwavering friendship. If you have Esme as a friend you always have someone on your side even when she tells you you're being completely unreasonable. There's comfort in that. Both sides of Esme are beautiful to behold, with her pretty floral overskirt offset against a forest green layer and two pockets. Esme is a rare find. 


    All of our aprons are rescues and as such come to you showing signs of a life well lived.  This may include mysterious stains, worn and faded parts and small tears or rips which tell of a culinary or domestic mishap.  Each apron has a story to tell and although sometimes this is evident in a frayed hem or a well washed stain they still have plenty of love to give.  All aprons have been lovingly laundered, ironed with lavender ironing spray, sometimes mended and very much loved. 


    If you don't fall in love with your one of a kind vintage find.  We accept returns so that our aprons can find their forever home with another customer.



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