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Fay has a love for cats that is unrivalled. It's not just their unparalleled intellect but also their take it or leave it attitude, that Fay adores. Fay appreciates her home comforts and in her opinion a home is not a home without a cat in it. Yes, she does talk to them and she knows they listen to every word she says. Hubby has drawn the line at her six beauties but Fay is always on the lookout for a new addition to add to her brood. Truth be told if it came to a choice between her cats and her husband, well...... there's nothing like a bowl of maple walnut icecream and a cat on your lap to ensure that all is right in the world. Sorry Lloyd!  


    Francie is a softie. Her skirt has the perfect drape and she skims and falls beautifully. The problem for Francie is that life gets a little too rowdy at times. She prefers a slower pace, and her feelings can be bruised easily. Francie prefers to filter life and only let the good stuff in, a comment or event that another pinny might brush off can circle in Francie's brain for days bringing a hot flush to her cheeks and a tightness to her chest. A sensitive soul, Francie needs to go to a home that will nurture her gentle charm. A home where a burned pudding won't cause a fray and somewhere Francie's rose tinted viewpoint will be bolstered. If you are looking for a pinny that will flourish with your support Francie is the girl for you. 


    If you don't fall in love with your one of a kind vintage find.  We accept returns so that our aprons can find their forever home with another customer.



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