Winnie and Ida

Winnie and Ida

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Times were tough when these girls were young and while extras were scarce love was aplenty. A lifetime is evident in the worn embroidery, frayed hems, mysterious stains and mended tears these two wear. Now in their twilight years when a phrase or photo sparks a shared memory or in joke there’s no easier company for the sisters than each other’s. They fondly remember their teenage years when Winnie was quite the performer, her long legs perfecting many a tap dancing routine on the amateur stage while Ida worked behind the scenes mending costumes and consoling Winnie’s many would-be suitors. Ida herself has had three husbands come and go through the years and Winnie has been at her side through it all. Their shared childhood shaped them both differently, Ida as the eldest becoming a frugal saver with a cautious approach to her finances while Winnie’s preference to live in the moment and enjoy life’s luxuries, causing Ida to fret and scold as only a sister can. Their pockets often carried shopping lists for each other or a spare house key but never each other’s phone numbers, which they always knew by heart. While Ida is the pragmatic one and Winnie sees the bright side of every situation. Ida rolls her eyes as Winnie embellishes yet another story and Winnie will give you a cheeky wink while Ida lists many good reasons to make do and mend. These two charming pinnies will remain side by side, each a part of the others story just as it’s always been. Adoption fee $30 a pair.



    All of our aprons are rescues and as such come to you showing signs of a life well lived.  This may include mysterious stains, worn and faded parts and small tears or rips which tell of a culinary or domestic mishap.  Each apron has a story to tell and although sometimes this is evident in a frayed hem or a well washed stain they still have plenty of love to give.  All aprons have been lovingly laundered, ironed with lavender ironing spray, sometimes mended and very much loved. 


    If you don't fall in love with your one of a kind vintage find.  We accept returns so that our aprons can find their forever home with another customer.



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